I hope you find yourself,

Mon, 12/01/2014 - 20:48 -- ylm9794

I hope you find yourself,

In a moment like this.
Closing your eyes,

To remember the sound of my voice mid-kiss.
The way your name,

Always rolled off my tongue.

I hope you think of

How my hand rested on your chest
When I was tucked into your side,
My head on your shoulder.
And the smell of your car,
On date night
When we dressed up for only each other.

The smile on my face,
To see you,

Even if I'd seen you just the day before.
I hope you miss me at times,

When your eyes are closed,
On the edge of unconsciousness,
Your last thoughts of the day
Consisting of me,
Wishing I was tucked into your side,
Hand resting on your chest
On the same place it always had been.
For me,
It's remembering the way your voice sounded,

When you said my name,

Or when you affectionately called me "Baby baby."

The way you spoke to me,



Or completely indifferent.

And that look in your eyes,

When you looked at me a certain way,
And I knew you loved me then-
That look told me that you'd love me

XO- Magz.


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