I Hold This Pencil For Us

Whenever I hold a pencil, I get the feeling of social justice and the implication of empowerment.

Empowering myself and empowering others is something that America lacks, and I make up for.

America believes in freedom and embodies neither.

We are supposed to be one, but we are one under the incorrect morals and become entities on this earth we inhabit.


We coexist with one another, but yet to embrace each other’s individuality.

Why I write? The fact that I write is not only to create, but to control the power in which everyone needs to feel liberated.

I hold this pencil in my hand to create a world in which you feel comfortable.

I hold this pencil to make sure that this creation that is landmarked by me wraps you up in a fluffy blanket and helps you sleep at night when your thoughts consume your being and there is no more you left.

I cling to this pencil to bring out traits in you that is hidden behind an opaque flesh of bullet wounds and bruised souls.

I hold this pencil for you.



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Our world
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