I Hold The Knife


In a life full of sorrow and strife,

The only thing I want to do is hold the knife.

The knife that cuts, the knife that scars,

The knife that stops most of the wars.


The wars inside, the fights on the out.

Just reach in and rip my heart out.

That’s what you do, even though you think you don’t.

You tell me you’ll change, I know you won’t.


I want to bleed, I want to die,

I don’t want to give it one more try.

I want to give up, and go to sleep,

I’m tired of the tears I weep.


You lock me in a cage, you hide me away,

You won’t let me return another day.

It doesn’t help that you say you love me,

When every day you never show me.


I hold the knife, to end my life.

To cut my skin, to end my strife.

The words I engrave mean so much,

In the end, I’ll just give up.



i love this 


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