I, Her Practical Ghost


United States
40° 41' 42.2232" N, 74° 13' 25.6872" W
I, her practical ghost
I travel the night and wander halls aimless
Planning pranks, foul the foolish and surprise the unbelieving
I walk the deserted halls, my pace even, my mind alert
I am the mist, a breeze the candle blows out
My path haunted, years pass as minutes, in daylight I rest
I am yours, my heart visits, in darkness I hold you
My cold embrace reminds you, my loss, my tears
Your mourning, love lost until we meet
Then I will travel no more, my restless soul, ends its passage
You on my arm, I will rest in peace, beloved, lost
My foolish repast, my arrogance, my indifference and my malice
This is my shame, I walk, the light extinguished
Halls, corridors and chapels, oh my endless haunt
The mist surrounds my hand passes through, oh my heart
I miss you, wander into your arms when day is done
You will embrace, my heart will warm
Then we will rest, always 


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