I Hear Another Voice.No, I'm Not Crazy.


There we are

Like any other day

Another sea of faces 


beating hearts

a large,living mass

I keep my voice buried

like a grave in my throat

I open my mouth

Words that have meaning and ideas

I can feel them slipping off my tongue

But there's an invisible wall

A fence

A barrier

The voice in the back of my head

sometimes it whispers

sometimes it screams

"You aren't original"

"Why would anyone think that's a good idea?"

"You. Aren't. Good. Enough."

I fight to break the barrier

peel off the mask

It fights back

It doesn't hesistate to try to break me down

It works as a cloak

hiding what I want to share

One day

One day I will win

I will show my ideas 

my thoughts

my dreams 

without fear

without being silenced

I will speak out  behind the mask




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