I have a voice I


United States

I have a voice I have opinions
I am more than my sexuality
Than a novelty
Than my gender
Last night at a gay night club called Pulse
Our world lost 50 souls
People who had gone there to be free
To be who they were
Please don't censor me
I don't want this to fade into history
To become a story told in passing about a tragedy
I want it to be a warning of what hatred can do
It can warp a person until they can do
Horrible unspeakable things
And that's just the thing
So many people want these things to stop
What are we even doing about it
Shout out the answer
Don't be shy
We can't just let 50 people die in vain
That's insane
We need to find a way to fix this mess
Those people were victims of one person's hate
50 dining room chairs emptied by the twisted intimidated thoughts of one man
What if others become overwhelmed with hate
What are we supposed to do?
Please don't censor me
Let this go down in history
Because no one's gonna listen to me
But that doesn't mean I didn't try to tell you so
When America decides to not be so ignorant let me know
Hopefully love and understanding can only grow
From here
Who knows maybe by this time next year we will have ended this needless violence
So no more voices go silent
Because we are more than our bodies
We are more than our sexualities
We are more than novelties
We are more than genders
We are people , humans, and voices
And we should stand together

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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