I Have a Voice

Looking at me from the outside

You and I really aren’t all that different.

I breath air, I do my hair, and I think about

What I wear, and the way I walk

And the way I t… 

Well…there is a difference, isn’t there.


Of course you don’t know that.

You have committed,

Committed yourself to judgment,

Not judgment by race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation,

But rather by an outside manifestation.

You have chosen to only see my exterior shell.

Well, if you are only judging me by my book’s cover

Then there is no way you will ever discover.


You see… I stutter.

My words don’t flow like butter,

Instead they get stuck!

Like my vocal box is behind bars,

Words acting like traffic struck cars.


But I, have a voice!

And it is important what I want to say,

Talking for me takes effort, so don’t walk away.

Delay comes with the territory.

Please, I would love for you to stay,

And listen… to what I have to say.


So open up your mind,

Be kind, it wouldn’t matter if I was blind or if I signed

Because either way, I am still a part of mankind.

I’m not slow, or stupid

My mind is completely lucid.

So just show me the respect that I deserve.


I have a voice!

A voice that is loud, that is proud

That can talk to a big crowd.

What I have to say will not be disallowed.


I have a voice!  

It doesn’t matter if I stutter,

If my words don’t come right after each other,

Although what I am saying might come out slower

I still want to be heard.

Because... I have a voice! 



Nice job! You're a pretty narley poet :)

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