I have trouble raising my head


Dear Mr.Corperate man,

        I know you don't care

but I'd just like to share

i have trouble raising my head

i probably seem like undead

just watching my feet

anticipating defeat

just watching my step

which actually has more depth

jus like in child rearing

i'm preparing

...well me

for the world you made for me

perdona me

I meant to say



I have trouble raising head

knowing humanity is dead

in the world you created 

poeple like  are isolated

becase we don't fit the bill

follwing the cmmandments that you instilled 

You make a mockery

of authenticity

you have made self respect an  obsolete tool

it no longer is even taugh in schools

you have created a cultre where you are all hale

here even our cultue is for sale

we give you our mind,body and soul

you mush it up into coal

to fuel your cars

turning the planet into a lifeless ball of char

you take our bodies and drain our self esteem

then sell it back destoried ,double price calling it superme

i see

how you control us through the tv


I have trouble raising my head in the streets

fearing that someone might really see me for me

in a culture whose ideals

are not being good people but high heels





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