I Have Shed These Tears.


I have shed these tears,
For every nightmare, as a child; you'd fear.
For every heartache, and every name,
You feel better and better with just my pain.
I have shed these tears all my life,
To where everyday I'd hoped I'd die.
I have no idea what I had done,
To have gotten this life I have not yet won.
Through every suffering, and every pain,
I longed for love beneath the rain.
To where you won't see me shed a tear or cry,
And see me from the inside.
It would be hurtful; I'd feel so ashamed,
I'd even try to run and hide and push loved ones away.
I've got my wall up; and my heart on guard,
My mask has hidden my face from this world.
I've been shedding these tears for quite some time,
I have terrifying memories in my mind.
You couldn't believe how a child so young,
Could have their innocence taken by the snap of a thumb.
So i try and dry my tears ive shed,
And remove all the messed up shit in my head.
Because i am so fed up with reliving those fucked up memories everyday,
Lord, please take them away, please dear lord, I pray.
I just want to be normal, and not so weird,
For I warn you that my life is the nightmare you need to fear.

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