I have seen the children laughing

I sit quietly.
This is my right.

I face opposition.
This is my right.

Throwing bricks
Full of the hate of their fathers.
No one taught them better.
It is ingrained in their blood.
It was ingrained in mine too….
But I have seen the children laughing
And I have heard their smiles.
With your eyes closed
You can see we are all really the same.

They can try and stop us.
Is this their right?

They can break our backs.
Our spirit will fly.

I hold hands.
This is my right.

Interlaced fingers.
Interlaced rights.

Stop and look to your left.
But look with your closed eyes.
Do you see what I see?
Can you hear the black and white smile?
Do you see that they are the same?

I sit in silence.
You can not take my rights.

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