I Have Nothing...

I Have Nothing

-Jonell M

I have nothing…

   But determination and motivation to reach the sky,

   If you try to slow me down you will get left behind.

   See I’m doing 100 in a 45 zone and I don’t… have time… to slow…down.

   I’m on a roll now, there’s no stops only goes now,

   Even if there’s obstacles I’ll find my way around them

   ‘Cause the only way I’m stopping now is if I’m crashing.

I have nothing…

   But space and opportunity,

   Me, you see, I don’t have time for all that foolery.

   To square up to me you better read a book or maybe 3,

   ‘Cause intellectually you cannot stand up to me.

   While you throw hands, I throw wisdom.

   Why should I have to fight someone when I can teach them?

   Why could I hurt someone when I can heal them,

   And accept them for the real them,

   And show them we can come up in this world if we keep building.

I have nothing…

    And no I’m not on that Whitney Houston…

    August sang no love, so that’s currently how I’m living.

   Now don’t get me wrong I’m no heartless chick,

   But being on my own is something I never missed.

   I was raised by strong women, all independent,

   They taught me that no man can give me what I may be missing.

I have nothing… I have nothing?

Now that I think about it, I HAD nothing…

   But from all I’ve learned, and all of the knowledge I obtained,

   I can go from having nothing to having everything.


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