I Have A Nightmare

Sat, 01/16/2016 - 17:44 -- Jnr6lil


United States
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Martin had a dream, I have a nightmare

They're shooting us unarmed, why won't they fight fair

Phantoms from the past, I still feel them right here

The lower class will never ever get to sit in the high chair

Some say  Mike Brown was a thug with no talent

I saw a kid who had a future until they taimed him with malice

I watch the same pictures just again and again

If King cried would his tears just reek of regret

I'm feeling upset, that Doc was marching for change

And yet some rappers only rap about chains and  ranges

Not about the kids painting their art inside the rain

Because they live in a house thats funded only by Section 8


Living on Medicaid


I'm not lying, it's kind of hard to be non-violent

You see the jail cells and know the drug laws are biased

Mandatory minimums just so they can buy us


I've seen the best hoopers turn into Len Bias

I've watched the most faithful become the less righteous

King said with love that we can weed out the virus

Blacks never had wealth so we always spited Midas

He had a dream and I wished we just lived it out


Black folks, higher loans then they kick us out

The ghetto was forsaken, I look around it's a business now


I look at my city and hope for better days

A world where youth don't die young

Jordans have sent so many brothers to heaven's gates

Can't kill my soul but can slice my tongue


My words shall shift the seeds of many nations

My words shall uplift the people of many races.

My worlds shall teach every child to have hope

You don't have to sell Os, just to know that you dope

All I need in life is an end to racism, war, and poverty

It doesn't hurt for a little bit of equality

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My community
My country
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