I Have a Friend

Sat, 01/14/2017 - 12:23 -- rndaily

I had a friend named Fear

He was present in any social situation I faced

He quickened the beat of my heart, saying it was out of love and grace

He stood by my side, reassuring me he would never leave

But in the end, he stopped me from everything I wanted to achieve.


I had a friend named Nervous

She is responsible for the perspiration that formed on my palms

The butterflies in my stomach that felt like atomic bombs

The nails on my fingers that can not be chewed any shorter

And she’s the reason why I’d never consider being a reporter.


I had a friend named Panic

He allowed me to feel trapped in rooms with unlocked doors

Making me feel as if I was a prisoner of a war

I did not know when he would arrive

And in many appearances he made me feel like I’d never survive.


My anxiety is what navigated me to these friends

These friends who were supposed to guide me actually led me to dead ends

I turned to them for hope, reassurance and defense

But in the end all they gave me was a life that was too intense.


I now have a friend named Bravery

She diminishes any fear that I face

She taught me that fear in my life has no room and no place

Everyday she is right by my side

Helping me conquer the things that make me feel terrified.


I now have a friend named Calm

When nervousness controls every movement I make

Or when I feel as if every bone in my body is going to shatter and break

His serene words derogate my overwhelming thoughts

Reminding me they are just that, thoughts.


I now have a friend named Happiness

Through the times in my life that are simply bad

Through the moments in life where the only emotion I feel is sad

She is there for me whenever I plead

Helping me find what I desperately lack and desperately need.


My anxiety is still present but I do not let it defeat me

Because now I surround myself with positivity that completes me

I struggled throughout the year but now I am here

Living my life with a smile from ear to ear.


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