I Have A Dream


Despite with all the pain of wars, the peace that everybody tend to look for, the cruelty of man kind on earth, the self-esteem that hides itself, I still have dream. The dream to make a difference in the world, the purpose that was set upon me when I didn’t even exists. Even though life of mankind started on the palms of God and turned everything around that doesn’t mean we can’t change the past. Each day we are reminded of our past. There still some curves that has not heal yet but yet to be healed. I have a dream that one day we can come together and work as a Unity to make history beyond the generations and more generations that is yet to come. In the bible stated  (“Let their be peace on earth”) but with the minds of thoughts that was put into us forgets the peace that we should have on each other. I have a dream that one day we all can look at ourselves and say “ We all Leaders”. We all have gifts and talents that don’t sometimes tend to use them, but as we use them, we are unstoppable and Earth itself will be a new World. I have a dream that one day we will be able to take a stand and love one another and not harm your brothers and sisters that we are as one. We should be able to treat ourselves like the daughters/sons that we are in God’s eyes. We all the children of God and God is the creator of everything he put us here to make a difference in the paradise that was created for us, not ruining it but making it better. I have a dream that one-day children would look upon what’s good/bad and hopefully take the right path. I have a dream that the children should not be discouraged to put out ideas to the society, Let their be voice in each one of them. I have a dream that every race in the society will be treated the same way as everybody “equality” no boundaries set for different people. We all different/unique and we all Family as a whole. I have a dream that a dream can be able to come true as we put forth into our minds to make a difference and let the dream began.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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