I have become quite the actress these days

I am starting to worry

I find myself confused these days

Not quite sure when my words are real,

Or just a delusion i provide for the world around me

Are those statements what I desire to believe?

Are they truly me? 

Those boundaries between myself

And the person I wish to become

Are beginning to dissolve

I do not know whether to celebrate this 

Or restore myself

Is this not what i have worked to become?

The grass seemed so much healthier 

From where I once was

But my new founded popularity

Is seeming to drown me with ridiculous standards



Pressure that presents an entirely new me

Or entirely artificial me

This i am not sure of

Is this person a character that i choose to play the part of?

Or is this not an act anymore?





Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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