I Have Autism. Autism doesn't have Me!


United States
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Do I have Autism?
Or does Autism have me?

Life is scary.
Most people know it is,
But they just know how to function.
I have to learn how, every day.

Love is new.
People love it,
And people hate it.
I don't know what to do with it.

What I've learned in life
Is what people have always known how to do.
Look people in the eye, use my inside voice,
Don't talk about "private" stuff, don't get in people's bubbles ...

Life is hard.
Love is hard.
Autism is hard.
But I'm doing it.

The doctors said I couldn't do anything.
No school, no love, no life,
No nothing.
Well, look at what I have done.

I've graduated high school AND college.
I've had two jobs.
I've bought my own car.
I've even gone on a few dates.

Autism may be real,
But it will NOT tell me
How I can or can't live my life.
I won't let it!

I may have Autism, but Autism does


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