I Hate That I Love

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 16:38 -- Xspose


United States
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I hate that I love the music thats played through society
All hip hop, All the time, No variety, the anxiety
Of having a song without a nice beat even though the meaning is deriving
From the thought of treating women wrong is mind boggling
Like How can I tell you that those songs diminish the mind of young citizens and are stupid
Because by the time I finish, ill replenish by sitting back putting on my headphones and ill listen to that exact same type of music
Its the age where the bass of the beat determines whether if its good or not
Instead of lyrics inspired by spirit written by those who actually care a lot
It don’t matter to these rappers if they destroyed a young genius by turning him into a goon
As long as that same goon is supporting him and is buying his music on Itunes
You assume that all the things that rappers say wont actually happen in your life
Until the day the police catch you in that big lie about your homie selling weed
and he needs you to get by but now yall are both caught and your about to 5 to 9 but they always say
snitches get left in ditches right?
So who's a real lyricist who doesn’t act imperious cause at the end of the day he knows that words can be
Im sorry if those words were too big for your understandin’
But if these rappers spoke more intelligently maybe you’d understand em
Now random rappers say that they are the resurrection to the game
Those same rappers are respectfully lame
Because without the Eminem comparisons from being broke to the fame
Then those same rappers would probably be selling M&Ms on the train
Now look, Im not saying I don’t listen to Lil Wayne, 2Chainz, and a little Meek Mill
Because the music I listen to depends on the particular mood that I feel
But to keep it real I need to limit what I blast through my TV
Because these fake rappers nowadays think that there sick yet there the new hip hop remedy
They say if you cant beat em join em and throw in the towel
I enjoy the rhythms and rhymes that can get you mentally aroused
I hate that I love this music because if I heard it right now
Id probably forget about this poem and start bobbing my head up and down


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