I Grow Old

I grow old, I grow old

Growing, it’s something that we do without knowing,

Time goes fast, we blow past, it shows no sign of slowing.

Trees grow leaves, it’s snowing. Though I don’t see it going

I should learn to take things more slowly and to see things more closely.


Keep me in my room and I can stay in there for days,

It doesn’t daze me anymore it’s just another day to waste,

It’s just another different day for me to do the same again.

My mouse hovers over start but I can’t seem to make it end.


Cause there’s no man, other than my management,

See my management, no man worse with it.

It’s always too late, or too bad, promise change,

I’ll do that, it’s hollow, don’t follow, it restarts tomorrow.


I sit inside my room and I stare out of my window,

Thoughts of doing work makes me tremble.

They’re crashing like a cymbal, I need to change, I’m mental,

And I wonder what it’s like, cause it sounds like change is simple.


I wonder what it’s like, I try to change but there’s no luck,

When things are good, things don’t cut, and it doesn’t feel like I am stuck.

But it sucks, I thought that growing older would help, but you know what?

I found that we grow older but that we don’t always grow up.


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