As I Grow

As I grow, I become more aware of the evils that exist in this world

I reflect upon the mistakes;

the horrible acts committed through past lives

that have tarnished the reputation of many.

As I grow, I become paranoid

this paranoia growing stronger.

My paranoia is fed.

My fear grows.

My anger exceeding all limits.

As I grow, the world becomes increasingly ugly.

Twisted, demented.

I wish to be the beacon of light,

to make the change.

I wish to turn the demented palce back into the beauty it once was.

As I grow, I am only more motivated to be a part of the change.

I wish to be the leader of a sweeping movement,

to finally combat the apathetic minds of my own generation.

As I grow, I will see more darkness

but will continue to fight against it.


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