"I Got in a Fight Today..."

I got in a fight today...

I know, it's unlike me, but I just couldn't help it. 

Her words just attacked me.

One second I was there mumbling aloud, and the next, i'm staring at a monster and around me, a crowd.

My mind races, I think of all the possibilities, will my nose be broken? Could she kill me?

I can't breathe.., I find i'm holding my breath. To not show fear, or mercy, but I still detect. 

Soon she's pushing herself against me, spitting more words aloud, and so does the crowd. 

I remember the last thing I said.

That last moment before I turned completely red,

and all hell was unleashed, promises out of hand.

Still, was not how I could stand.

I pushed her back and off of me, she got infuriated and then onto me.

Hitting me directly in the mouth,

blood spilling out, all the way to the South.

The teacher called the office frantically for help,

they didn't show up till I couldn't even yelp.

I remember the darkness closing in, and opening my eyes to see the light again.

Is it bad I was unhappy to be okay?

I was ready to die today.

I've been depressed for quite awhile.

Every body doesn't know how I fake a smile.

The school put the blame on me, and here we are, "surprisingly" Unhappily.

Even though I didn't kick her ass. I'll defend what I love from start to last.


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