I Give Strength To Empathy

You have done all you could,

And still

Life is unfair

And still

Life is the enemy

And still

Life has doomed you,

Be still.


Do you see into the bark of tree

And condemn it to death?

No, inside us all is hope and fear,

The fear a lie, the hope so dear,

And when I laugh I clearly see

Those ringing bells uplifting me.


I have married

Into life, for until death do us part

I shall love.

I have given what I could to kindness

Loving all I could of me, extending that to you.

I have loved us all and in that blessing

I have seen

Life is more than point A to B


To be still,

I see that pattern in our eyes

That little bit of light inside,

An element of human life.

And still I have love in,

My never ending heart of hearts,

Drawing strength from deep inside something

Always giving, never fatigued.


That which makes me flawless,

Which makes me eternal, lovely, beautiful, so bright,

That unity of human kind, I cease,

I give strength to empathy.


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