As I Gaze into Her Eyes



As I gaze into her eyes what do I see?

It’s simply beauty staring back at me.

I knew at that moment how I truly felt for you;

That feeling of affection is certainly true.

The glimmer in your eyes is like thousands of gleaming stars,

If only that moment could last forever, but all that’s left now are scars.

Most people look at girls and they only see her outer shell,

But I see your soul and say it is absolutely, unequivocally beautiful.

With the first gaze into your eyes I saw the whole world in front of me,

A world of happiness and beauty, that is all that I could see.

I once thought that gravity kept me held to this earth,

Then I saw you, realizing it was always you since my birth.

When I spoke to you on the gloomiest days, suddenly the sun would shine through,

And it was then I knew the feelings I had for you were entirely true.

If only I had not been so late, if only I had told you how I felt before you were taken.

Now I can only grieve from my failure, the words I now long for are gone and mistaken.

I long for your comforting words once more,

The words that made me smile I long restore.

I wish her nothing but happiness with her days that follow,

For the pain that I feel matters not, as hard as it is to swallow.

No matter what happens I will always be your friend;

Every day, forever and ever, until the very end.

I want to see that sweet gaze in your eyes once again;

That gave me that heartened soul so very deep within.

I know in my heart this has not been in vain,

For in my dreams you will be, for the time that will remain.

I will always remember that feeling I have had for you and can concur,

The love and happiness I feel gazing into your eyes is exceedingly true for sure.



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