I Found A Bird

Sun, 09/07/2014 - 01:21 -- Jejomar

I found a bird

Sleeping by my apartment window

Until it heard

The dancing thoughts in my head.


I found a bird

Staring through the opened glass

Watching, you see,

Suppress the unspoken me.


I found a bird,

Spreading its wings

As if it were saying

To release my inner kings.


I found a bird

Leaving me behind,

Soaring, telling stories

Of a free state of mind.


But you see,

The bird left me,

All alone with my thoughts.


I hide

And squirm

And define my faults.


I do not want the sun shining through,

I shut the window

And stay forever blue.


I found a bird

In a memory far away,

On his wings, on the Lord’s day,

Sleeping by my apartment window.

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