I Felt It



I felt it when his eyes first locked on my own.

Electricity, surging like volts, straight to the bone.

I felt it when he spoke, at the mention of my name.

Inferno, raging like fluid, blazingly set aflame.

I felt it when he grinned, at the first sight of me.

Faintness, swarming like insects, sparked with glee

I felt it when he touched me, an accidental brush.

Chills, radiating like ripples, a frosty arctic rush.

I felt it when he laughed at something I had said.

Ecstasy, coursing like water, flowing in veins of thread.


I felt it like a disease with no cure.

Uncontrollable symptoms of everything pure.

I felt it like a toxin streaming within my system.

Poisoning my body, taking over another victim.

I felt it like a blade stabbing my heart.

Breaking it open, tearing it apart.


I felt like falling, drifting

into an abyss of nonexistence.

I felt like fading, diminishing

into nothing but a faint memory.


I felt Hurt. Broken. Empty.


I felt Love.


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