I Felt Like A Hero

She was accidentally shot on her way to work.
I did not visit her when she was in hospital;
Instead, I called her many times, especially at night.
I also sent her numerous text messages.
She needed comfort and emotional support,
And I promised her I would be there for her.
I could not get over her despite being married.

I went to her home after she got out of hospital.
I entered the room and stood at her bedside,
And I looked at her lying there suffering.
She was like a helpless dove with an injured wing.
I reached out and touched her dull face,
She clung to my arm like a drowning person,
And I began to recall what happened in the past.

I had met her seven years before the incident.
The love I felt for her I had never felt for anyone else.
I wrote a letter asking her to marry me.
She told me that she was not ready for marriage,
And she did not feel romantic love for me.
She wanted to pursue higher education;
Therefore she hastily turned down my proposal.

Even though she had refused to be my wife,
I willingly helped her to endure her ordeal.
She was dependent on my love and encouragement,
And I did everything I could to uplift her spirit.
She gradually recovered and got stronger.
Our closeness grew as the months went by,
And I was hoping that she would fall in love with me.

She realised that I still had feelings for her,
And she began to reciprocate my love.
One night I asked her if she was still a virgin,
She felt that it was a personal question,
Nonetheless she replied with a convincing yes.
She knew nothing about men and sex,
And she wanted her first experience with me.

She hugged me like a child in its mother’s arms.
She really did not know what to say or do,
And she could not even kiss me the right way.
My sympathetic heart was willing to help her.
I taught her all she wanted to know about romance,
I even showed her how to manipulate men,
And she quickly learned everything I taught her.

We had an argument, and I told her goodbye.
She thought I meant the things that I said,
And so she flew away like a revived bird.
She showed no gratitude for what I did for her.
Thereafter she never spoke to me again.
I would have done more for her if I had the chance.
My work was finished and I felt like a hero.


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