I Felt Closer To Her Than I've Ever Felt

Her mom took me to visit her on a windy afternoon.
She was lying there on her back looking so lifeless.
I quickly walked over to her bedside and looked at her.
And I pressed my knees hard against the mattress.
Her faint voice and sad look brought tears to my eyes.
At that moment I felt closer to her than I’ve ever felt.

She slowly reached for my hand and held it tightly,
And it felt as if she wasn’t going to let me go.
The scars from her injury didn’t affect her beauty.
She had the same charm and I was still attracted to her.
She admitted privately to knowing I still loved her.
I visited her many times and we developed an intimacy.

My preoccupation with her began seven years earlier.
I fell in love with her the night I saw at the meeting.
And I proposed to her one year after we met.
I wanted so much to marry her and make her mine,
But she didn’t have enough feelings for me then.
And I had to go on living my life with a crushed heart.

She was seriously injured by a stray bullet on the road.
I had a break down when I heard about the incident.
I felt that my chance to have her was gone forever,
But God saved her life with his miraculous power.
My heart rejoiced when I found out she was alive.
The situation made our intimacy grow as time wore on.

I stood by her through the phases of her recovery.
Furthermore, I gave her a good reason to want to live.
I pampered her until she was strong enough to walk.
She loved me and I still had the same affection for her.
Although she knew I was married, she gave me her lips.
We thought it could work without hurting someone.

I never felt that I did more for her than she deserved.
She was the girl I loved and I waited a long time for her,
Yet I walked out on her when she fell in love with me.
She misjudged me and reacted resentfully to my decision.
That unfortunate outcome was far from what I wanted.
If I get the opportunity to get close to her again, I’d do it.


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