I Feel Your Darkness

I Feel Your Darkness 
It feels good without you 
this is what my heart say's
But my soul feels empty 
this is the darkness you gave
the feelings I have is so lost 
like magic in a box
taken over my mind 
I'm strong but yet I'm weak 
when it comes to you  
I'm not feeling steady at times 
but when you come near 
I start to lose my mind 
I know what you're thinking I 
am lost in the dark
You're nothing without me but 
a playing card
something you can't see 
my pain runs deep
The darkness is my misery
that is taking over me
Look deep into history
you will find me with you every time
Lost love just old memories game 
You Took and destroyed
every good that was in me
I gave my honor 
my love I praised you from heaven above 
But that was never good enough
I want no part of your darken ways 
But that is apart of my past you say
I take my last breath 
holding your dark love in
I pray that the wickedness of your words 
I hope you'll regret all you have done
sending my heart on the run 
let my poor heart live 
I don't believe there's a cure for
a dark Love like this 
The guilt will fall into the hands 
of another man
Not a thought will be pure
How could you have been sure love will
be so kind another time
this Love will be the death of me 
You had almost made me lose my mind
I remember when you first said you loved me 
I felt like you were part of me
But when you had me you cut me deep
the blade dug deep within me
I looked into your eyes and felt your
heart of ice it started screaming at me
I whispered 
I love you but I never heard a word from you
Your body touched mine
you felt cold like winters snow
You act as if you had no soul 
Who you are I cried 
I don't know you anymore
I'm releasing the pain
something you could never take hold of
I'm letting you this I do know
I'm going with a blessing of true love
I guess what I'm saying just goes to show
I love you 
you are so dark you but you steal have my heart 
I'm hanging on a broken string
The wings I once had
They're now broken you given me 
Dark Angel wings it has always had to be about you .
Lilly Emery         Dark Angel


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