I feel the sweat running

I feel the sweat running down my face during a run

sympathetic nervous system

I smell that familiar aroma of dinner cooking on the stove

rapidly moving molecules of food hitting my nose

My eyes get heavy after turning page after page of my Biology textbook

The Pons in my brain is sending neurotransmitters

There is a cause and effect for everything I choose to do.

How can I make this cause and effect significant?

There are countless people around the world who aren’t healthy,

aren't wealthy,

they don’t have access to clean water, enough food, or effective medicine.

I want to find a way to make these people’s lives better.

Can I find a way to create the right reaction?

Bringing clean water to those who don’t have it,

food to those who are starving,

medicine to those who are sick,

and solutions to the countless problems others in the world are facing?

Research is my answer,

For these questions the world asks.


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