I Feel It In My Gut By Ashley Herkommer

I Feel It In My Gut

By Ashley Herkommer


Because I love you…

You don’t have to hide your flaws. They’re what make you special and unique.

You keep your true identity. Each and every week.

Your independence makes me smile. Supporting your endeavors and desires.

Your compassion’s never ending. Affection never tires. 

We’re equals, partners for life. Keeping each other both healthy and fit.

We trust one another. Able to forgive and commit.

Our loyalty will never waver. Have each other’s back and try to agree.

Our goal is to strive. Be the best we can be.

Let’s respect each other’s privacy, as we continue to put effort in.

Let’s do little things. Romance, kisses, notes, and grins.

Be silly. Be funny. Make each other laugh. Have fun out-of-the-blue.

I feel it in my gut…Because I love you. 

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