I feel like I can do anything !


It uplifts me to know I have beauty on the inside and out

It uplifts me to know that God is with me always without a doubt

It uplifts me to know that my family loves and cares for me

It uplifts me  to know the history on my family tree

I am uplifted to have hopes and dreams about so many things

who knows what the future may bring

I will continue to let my imagination run wild

becuase I am truly a destiny's child

to be uplifted is a blessing

so thats why I am going to keep expressing

the vision I have to make this world a better place

and continue to be a lady with poise and grace

and to stand tall and be proud

of who I am

even when haters try to get me down

I still wear the crown

becuase i am so uplifted,

I feel like I can do anything!!









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