I Feel Empowered

Wed, 06/19/2013 - 13:30 -- emhebb


United States
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I sit, And bit, The tip, Of my pen, I feel rushed, Its exciting, here it comes again, I think, And link, The sync, Of my words, I feel the rhythm, Its melodic, It has to be heard, I write, And cite, The fight, Of my mind, I feel empowered its clever Even better the second time, I stop, And drop, The pop, Of my flow, I feel lost, Its gone, Where did it all go, I recapture, And rapture, The fractured, Thoughts of my head, I feel relieved its back, I no longer carry dread, I finish, And replenish, Then diminish, Fears I feel stronger, Its poetry, Giving me life and bringing so many emotions near,


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

every time you voice out your thoughts

you feel empower because you are important

you are an asset to your community

let your voice be heard and keep writing

great job


Thank -you!

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