I Excuse Not Myself

I do not wish to please men,

Lest I should fall and commit sin.
Worldly desires are worthless admirers 
Then who would I be? If I should fall for riches?
I'd rather be broke than have eternal stitches.
Would I pay for my salvation?
Is it worth it?
Cars, and fine jewelry 
Who cares? They do not please me!
The love of God is my priority.
If only you knew what God has in store for me.
I'd rather be broke and blessed, 
than rich and stressed.
Spiritual over natural
Conqueror over follower
Leader over liar
Wisdom is power.
What do you desire?
I have riches in Heaven and they fall upon me daily.
Nevertheless I am humble, but to you, my testimony is a bit shady.
I excuse not myself for being a child of God.
I am imperfect, yet I stand for something.
I stand for God
I walk with God
I love God
I talk with God
I preach of God
I testify of God.
If only you knew what God has done for me
You wouldn't judge me.
You would pray for me
You would love me
Yet you hate me because of your fine riches
O man, do not sway 
Please stay & pray
For charity 
And mercy 
If you do, you'll live for eternity.


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