I Dropped My Gumball


United States
37° 4' 2.2224" N, 76° 30' 50.8968" W

Think I should lay down beside her,
but no, not behind her.
it might get intense if I decide to fold blind her
I mean blind fold her.
high thoughts announced sober.
I'm saying shawty, my heart's colder
then you could ever imagine; Polar.
make no mistake, my intentions are great.
but I could never do it again
if it means the trust has to bend.
I can't pretend,
like it's not the end.
I saw it coming, damn, I saw it coming.
should have done my first thought && got to running.
but it's nothing.
I find myself doing duplications
of mistakes foolishly taken.
never thought that I'd be racing,
with faith.
damn, who are you to tell me what to do?
I should decide my own fate
not a being with no face.
though I cant front its true,
through all the ish you've put me through
I've come out on top, thanks to you.



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