I dreamt of you last night

When you went in last night

I dreamt of you

And my dream

God it was torture

In my dream we were beautiful

You sat beside me with your tall stature

Yet you slumped your back in humbleness

As we shared an ice cream at a diner

we didn’t know where it was

In my dream you looked at me with your soft brown eyes

And in the sunlight your eyes glowed and showed a scene

Where your coffee Browns twirled with the sun’s rays

And the darkness that intertwined with them all guided it like a waltz

And danced during the sunset just for me

Just to show me how magical you really are

And you laughed at my jokes

You couldn’t keep your upper lip from rising

And your nose coming into a crunch

When I told you jokes

You made me feel like one in a million

And-god- you were so good with my family

My mother loved you

And my father wrapped his arm around your neck

And called you son

And you were so patient with all my little cousins

As you played with them I watched you

And I saw the greatest man in front of my eyes

And in my dream, I told you I loved you

And you loved me back.

Then I woke up.

You’re still there from last night

And I’m still here

And I realized

How cruel my dreams are

When I can see a future

that can never be



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