I Dream of Pretty

I want flawless nails.

I want easy breezy beautiful.

I want feel light.

I want a gravitational pull.

I want long soft hair.

I want people to stare in awe.

I want clothes that fit.

I want it all.

I want the title of heartbreaker.

I want to be sexy.

I want to feel the love.

I want to be pretty.


I get inked.

I dye my hair.

I get pierced a bit.

I'm too self aware.

I only skim across my reflection.

I try so hard to change.

I put scars on my arms.

They remind me of my shame.

I modify to make it better.

I want the whole world to see.

I change to get noticed.

I just want to be pretty.


I look up beauty tips.

My mind travels to my weight.

My skin has craters.

It's like ugly is my fate.

With all the thinking I do,

You'd imagine a weight loss.

Yet, I have time to eat.

I have food with all my thoughts.

The eating never stops.

My body is never date ready.

I can't wear the things I like.

I just really want to be pretty,

That's all.

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