I Dream of Dance

My true passion,

the one and only thing that saves me from insanity,

the one thing that makes me different from everybody else,

not only is it a talent,

but it is an art,

and a sport,

the reason i live with no regrets,

no anger,

and no fear,

is because dance shines the light at the end of my path,

I can count on it whenever I fall,

I will always have dance,

I can better express my feelings, 

and true self,

through dance rather than having to speak aloud,

my dance gives you a better insider than anything that leaves me lips,

let met dance for you,

to tell you my story,

everything I’ve ever held back on,

reasons why I love dance so much,

is because it is there when no one is,


you are my best friend,

you are what makes me unique from everything else,

let me tell you my story,

through dance.

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