I Don't Want to be Beautiful

I saw her mom tell her, “But you are beautiful without the makeup”.
The kid didn’t believe her.
She got the makeup from her mom’s bag.

Everybody believes that being beautiful is important.
I would like to believe that too.
But if looks are all that define,
And to be who you are is just not fine;
If beauty is when your roots get stuck up
In those ashes of criticism, doubt and deprecation of self – worth;
If beauty is always just skin deep,
If all that you are is just not worthy to keep,
Then, I don’t want to be beautiful.

I don’t want to be beautiful;
If the eyes with its truths and tears,
The tears with their strength of soul,
The soul with is searing scars,
And smiles that are never so scarce,
If love, kindness and compassion in the heart;
Are all just trivial things to be forgot,
Then, I don’t want to be beautiful.

If love in strife is out of fashion
And lust in life is gaining assertion,
If faith, trust, courage and sacrifice are thrown out of the window,
That power, money and manipulation show,
If you are a market price forever on the rise;
If you can’t think of yourself without a price tag
Around your neck like a dog tag;
I’d rather choose to be a wise old hag.
I don’t want to be beautiful.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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