I Don't Mind

You hit me like a thunderstorm
Fierce and without warning
Your sudden electricity
Brings a spark of live to something deep within me

I don't mind if you drench me
Don't mind the flashing in the sky
I don't mind the way I can't hear myself above the wind
I should be more cautious, but I don't mind

You consume me like a wild fire
An unrelenting blaze
In the heat of your intensity
I can't see sense through the smoke and the haze

I don't mind if you burn me
Don't mind if I'm reduced to ash
I don't mind the way you melt the ice around my heart
I know you're dangerous, but I don't mind

You freeze me like an icy wind
Send shivers down my spine
A chilly breath steals my words away
Steam speaks for me in the form of a sigh

I don't mind if I'm frozen
Don't mind that you've got me so still
I don't mind the way I can't turn around and run
I'm paralyzed, but I don't mind

You drown me like an ocean
Endless and intimidating
The tide ebbs my resolve away
You lead and I find myself following

I don't mind if the thought of you washes me away
Don't mind that I've fixated on you another day
I don't mind the way that you distract me
I'm terrified, but I don't mind

You soothe me like a gentle breeze
Softly pulling me along
You calm me down without even trying
I feel safe with only your words

I don't mind that I've fallen in love with you
Don't mind that you don't even know
I don't mind the way I've lost this fight again
I belong to you, and I don't mind

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