I don't love you

Mon, 12/02/2019 - 15:46 -- Psych0

I don't love you.
My heart aches every time we talk.
It races around, trying to catch itself.
And it feels like f***ing hell.
When you message, my heart drops.
Just sometimes it makes it hard for me to breathe..
To speak... To see...
I can't sleep..
I don't love you
I reread our chats.
And it makes me feel like i am having a panic attack..
Just a simple fact, you make my face turn red..
I stay up with you, all night and day
And it hurts so badly when you say...
Close friends..
But I guess that makes sense...
I don't love you..
I can't stop thinking, shaking, craving..
When it comes to you I get careless..
Reckless... Almost like... jealous.
It turns my stomach, and it makes me feel dumb as f***..
because.. I'm in love with you..

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