I don't love you

It's like a beast swallowing me whole

It hurts, it burns

But it pumps up my heart 

You could describe it as love 

But not me, its lust I feel

For I am not able to hold such an emotion as love 

It's lust I feel

Every inch, every second 

I'm not capable to love 

To hold

To charish

It's lust I feel

It's only temperary 

It's only lust 

And nothing else

I can not provide you

With anything more

Because lust is lust

And love is love

I do NOT love you

I lust you. That's all I'm able to feel

DO NOT  love you,I repeat it once more

I DO love you 

What more could I wish for?

For you to love me back?

At last you don't 

For only thing you feel for me

Is lust, you see?

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