I don't know what to call it

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 19:19 -- m__23
Tell me you love me and I'll tell you the first of your many flaws
He said to me
Why be mine .... I wanna be his
But you don't know how good it is until you see how bad it gets
I was lying i was fronting
When I said don't worry my heart will only be yours if Mars crashes into the planet earth 
And time reverse after we are all blown to smithereens and raised from ashes forced through rebirth
Than I said you don't have to love me
Just pretend and love me like you hate me
God was he the actor
Treated me like I was the non factor
Cause when he loved me he really hated me
And changed me into something life rejected
And I let him with no objections
Young ladies in this bad society
Be like let me mess with the first kid to say hi to me
Young one slow your row before you catch H.I.V
your mentality should be "he should be fighting for me"
Ladies dust off your knees and say he ain't worthy.
No he ain't worthy 2x
Even if my mother told me I'm unworthy
I will still refuse to believe that scum deserves me
Wow he thought he was gon' break me and than defile me
Than stay and watch me self-destruct 
Ladies these dudes are crazy
I aint gon let them faze me
Cause I came into this world alone 
And I just might leave alone
Regardless of those pretty words they say to me
See H.I.V is life threatening 
And can't just be cured by medicine
It takes both time and patience
So watch the circles you walk around in
Because when they hit bottom
Its likely they drag you in
And once you get sucked in
What happens if they don't come back to let the air in
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