I don't know myself, but I am free.


I can post a picture on Instagram of me,

And think I look okay enough for the world to applaud. 

But then I see that girl, who seems to be much more than I could ever be.

And I go back to my picture and I see that I am so flawed;

So I click delete, wondering who I must be.

Surely, there must be more than this facade.

Will I find myself in the likes of the people around me?

Or will I be qiuet, and search within and abroad

my own's self and what I desire? I shall see.

But what do I want? Maybe I shall look upward,

To the Father who created you and me

and ask Him to move me farward

out of this confusing life of what to be.

He shall lead me, and I will be in awe;

Of knowing that I am free to choose the

things that I wish, I am free to not know the risks,

and walk into the unknown and see where my mind and heart sits.

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Very introspective and beautiful. Love to see more of your writing. Touch back in if you'd like some imput.
Keep the poems coming!

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