I Don't Deserve Him

I can't believe I found you.

What a blessing you've been to me.

You're everything I've ever wanted

And I'm so glad I came to see

How truly wonderful you are-

That I'll never forget-

It's something I can hold onto,

just like the day we met.


You watched me on that stage,

You hung onto every word I said,

What you did for me was so strange.

You didn't leave- you left me a flower instead.


It was yellow. With brown spots.

And all I could say was I loved it a lot.

I thought you were out of my league.

How shallow I must've been thinking.

But deep down there was this thought that kept gradually sinking.

Could this boy actually take interest in me?



Surely not.



I'm sure he likes someone better,

Someone else that he sought.

But as soon as he got home- he contacted me.

Really? Could it be?

He kept me up all night.

And he called me pretty.

After all this time, he's officially the "property of Emily."


He held my face and kissed me under the stars,

I know whenever we're apart, it's never too far.

This feeling I have was very unexpected.

But I like it.


For those of you who don't believe in happy endings, I'm sorry- they exist.

And as for Kyler, when it comes to him- well...


I couldn't resist.



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