I Don’t Have A Poem

Fri, 06/10/2016 - 16:16 -- gwatson


United States
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I can write a poem just as good as his.

When you said you wanted a poem,

A poem is what you get


It may not be a Picasso,

Or even a Da-Vinci

But when you said you wanted a poem,

My heart started to scream.


I do this every day,

And quite frankly very well.

My thoughts started to wonder,

Well I’m guessing you could tell.


See, I started with a poem,

And added a little rhyme.

But when it came down to finishing,

I didn’t have enough time.


So, instead of writing a poem,

Of creations to untold.

I’m writing you this letter,

For you forgiveness to behold.


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