I do care


There she was with her the back towards me,
Sitting on a park bench, with earphones on.
Listening to a song. Or talking to someone.
Why should I care? She is free.

It's been 18 years... Entire 18 years...
Age 5- she asked for a doll house. Done.
Age 11- Overnight stay with friends. Agreed.
Age 16- Apple worth $450. 'To do' became Done
Age 18- .....
Today, June 1, her birthday, she is in tears.

I can't let her go, she is my only family, my only friend.
Am I being selfish or protective?
She is an adult now...Can she handle everything?
She has to go. This is her life. It isn't the end.

I approach her with a smile on my face.
Seeing me, she takes the headphones off.
Before I can say anything, she stands up abruptly and says
''I understand dad'',
Tears well up in my eyes as I pull her into a warm embrace.

"I want you to go. A new life, a new beginning." was all I said,
She shakes her head in disagreement.
"Please, do this for me, no, do this for your mom."
Her silence said everything, there was nothing more to convey.


Did he change his mind? Why is he so nice?
I can't leave him alone.
But I need to go, everyone is going.
It's a one time opportunity, It won't knock twice.

Am I bring mean?
But one needs to be selfish in order to be selfless.
Oh God! What to do?
Help me. I am just an eighteen-year-old teen.

I shouldn't go. I can't go.
Mom's death has left him shattered.
I am the only family he has.
With me gone, he will be alone.
Oh no no no No.

I am not going. That's done.
I'll miss New York, But dad's more important.
He has done a lot for me,
Now it's my turn.
I won't run.

-Manpreet Kaur

This poem is about: 
My family


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