I Didn't Love Me

I Didn't Love Me


I didn't love me

Look in the mirror and I start remembering

Crying in the shower

Hearing the yelling

Parents in the living room

It's me they're forgetting

I once blamed myself

I hated the sound

Court was a cuss word

Spoke without any sound


7 years later

I remember the pain

I remember the screaming

I remember my hate

Smile starts to form

Love begins to grow

In my heart I've learned

Who I've come to be

No matter what happens

I need to go on 

I smile in sadness 

I laugh in my pain

My heart grows stronger

Each and everyday 

The past is a memory

My heart is a shield

My smile my sword

I love all people 


I once hated myself

Now is my time

I have learned to be happy

This life is mine

I love myself truly

As I had once tried

I will protect others from their hate

I will be the open one

I Love Myself

This poem is about: 
My family


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