I didn't choose the life

I didn't choose the life I have

I didn't set my place

People have hurt me

abused and cursed me

And I've been stitching myself together

So I may not be perfect

My blood and bones have been exposed for too long

And I have grown bitter

But I am him who has given me life

My father, my guide

Keeps me safe

From a cruel dark place

That I sometimes go

When my eyes are closed

And the wind whips my face

I've been taught not to complain, whine, or shame

But sometimes you can't help it

Negativity is thick

And my mind sometimes slips

So I try to swim back

Back to a place where I can see the burning star

And know he is there to help me

My father is a perosn, a teacher, a listener

The smartest man i know

Will never lead you down a rocky road

Unless it will teach you something that you should know


This poem is about: 
My family



I like this a lot! It's very meaningful...

Just to let you know by the way, 'stiches' is spelled 'stitches'.


Hahaha thanks! The typo has been fixed (thank you)

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