I Didn't Care Enough To Care

Every day was a chore

I never even wished for more

To wish would be to care

To care would be a dream to me

I didn’t have the desire

To continue on as a liar

My smile was a falsehood

A mask to hide the frown within

But denial held me back

I labeled it as a phase

And within my heart I stacked

The sadness I couldn’t escape

The mirror doesn’t lie

It doesn’t try to hide its thoughts

Playful banter cut me deep

As jokes about my weight

Weighed down my heavy heart

But sadness was a short term fate

I wasn’t really alone

My sorrow simply didn’t last

I quickly left my throne

of lies and let my feelings out

I let my emotions flow

Tears and laughter filled my soul

A soul once filled with grief

All I needed was another piece

The puzzle of my sadness

Was solved by the one who cared

Enough to help my tender self

that didn’t even care enough

 To care about how I truly felt


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