I Dare You


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I dare you to belittle my intellect with constant neglect.
I dare you to depreciate my ability to succeed.
I dare you & the rest of you to treat me as if my future is halted by my past.
A past that will forever last, a past of my peoples determination.
A success story of racial suppression.

I dare you to judge me.
I dare you to assume that my intelligence is at a minimum because of the color of my skin. That my vocabulary is inadequate because of your stereotypical observation, but not from what I possess within. Or say that since I correctly present myself and succeed at pronouncing my syllables that I can't be black. Since when could my people not function & perform at the same level as yours and still have the struggle to look back on? I will take that judgement and decline it like a debit card with nothing to it but plastic. I won't get pass it, I will continue to bounce back something similar to elastic.

I dare you to make me an expected statistic.
I dare you to give me a number and abduct my name as if I am a product not a human being.
I dare you to write my name on an inmate listing, assuming at some point I will end up in a penitentiary. I will take those pre-determined handcuffs and free myself with the mindset of individuality and certainty like an outraged tiger escaping captivity.

I DARE YOU & ANYONE to call me a derogatory name. To say that my grandmother walked for nothing. For my peers, you have been incorrectly steered if you form your lips, lift your tongue and exhale your beautiful breath to produce a term in even a casual manner. My lips won't break the seal of respect, my tongue won't crack the cement of history, and my lungs won't give me breath to even perform such.

The value of your success is determined by what you went through to reach it. Our success is rich in struggle & hardships. We've gone from cotton fields to the nations capital, from sharecropping to doctors, and from plantations to the white house.

So remember, what is thought isn't always correct. Because all of those dares I simply reject .
I am motivated by satan & encourage by jesus. Satan won't give up and neither will I. I've been promised eternal life and I won't let his lies continue to steal the salvation of my peers.

So now, I dare us.
I dare us praise our success and never let it be suppressed.
I dare us to reject any judgement not delivered from our father. Because we won't bother with the simplest of it.
I dare us to free ourselves of any handcuffs they reserve for us. We don't deserve the underestimation they keep placing on our shoulders.
I dare us to stop tearing ourselves down. Its time for us to stand up and take our crowns.
I dare us to be us and nothing more then the best of us.
I dare us

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