As I Cry Every Night...

As I cry every night.
Your name comes up like a lightning striking leaving no existence, my heart wording your name in every word of it.
You hip my mind like a tornado leaving no live, you drown my thought to thee awoken.
You ovewhelm my soul to only destiny, you wishes my deepen to, 'only if she could be mine forever.'
You bless my living with all I needed to have in a partner, I teary every moment you hip my heart soul and mind.
You compassionate my deepen more to normality, I will to hold your hand to eternity.
You crazy my living to belonging, insanely you drive me every moment I think of us,
Normality has passed me and I am like a mental illness being.
You courier my heart to great destination, you deepen my soul to your existence, you rev my fondness with your absence, your presence rises and reaches I above the sky.
You wishes I to down the aisle before the knee down for your life, I have a gift for your life, that is my heart and all that I am.

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